Mikeitz (Genesis 41:1-44:17)

41:1  What river was in the canal?
         Why was Joseph’s imprisonment extended by two years?
         What does this verse have to do with a chassidic rebbe and a sweepstakes ticket?
41:2  What was "beautiful appearance" a sign of and why?
41:3-4 What is the symbolism of the sickly cows standing next to the healthy cows?
41:4  What is "the cows of poor appearance and gaunt flesh" a sign of?
         How does Rambam interpret this?
41:8  What is a necromancer?
         Why couldn’t the necromancers interpret Pharaoh’s dream?
41:12 How is Joseph referred to in this verse?
41:14 Why was Joseph in the pit?
          Why did Joseph shave his hair?
41:16 What does this verse mean?
41:25-28 Why does the verb change from "told" to "shown"?
41:42  What is the giving of the ring a sign of?
41:43  What does "second chariot" mean?
41:44  What does this verse mean?
41:45  Who is Poti-Phera and why is he called by this name?
41:49  Who ceased counting?
41:50  What do we learn from this verse/
41:51  What was the purpose of Joseph naming his son Manasseh?
41:55  Why did they hunger?
           What did Joseph tell them to do and why?
41:56  Who are "the face of the land?
42:1    How could Jacob see that there was grain in Egypt?
           How did the sons make themselves conspicuous?
42:2   What does the word "go down" in Hebrew allude to?
42:3   Why does the verse state "Joseph’s brothers" instead of "Jacob’s sons"?
42:4   Why does the Torah state that Benjamin did not go down to Egypt?
42:5   How did the brothers come "among the arrivals"?
42:7   What does this verse have to do with the importance of self-esteem?
42:11   What do we learn from "we are all the sons of one man"?
42:13   What does "one is gone" mean?
42:22   What is Reuben saying in this verse?
42:23   Who was the interpreter?
42:24   Why did Joseph weep?
            What are two reasons why was Simeon chosen to be imprisoned?
            What does "before their eyes" mean?
42:27   Who was "the one"?
43:9    What does "for all time" allude to?
43:14  Why did Jacob call G-d "El Shaddai"?
43:32  Why wouldn’t the Egyptians eat with the Hebrews?
43:33  What does "the men looked at one another with astonishment" indicate?
43:34  How did Joseph arrive at the number 5?
           What do we derive from the words "with him"?
           Why did Joseph give more lavish gifts to Benjamin than to the other brothers?
44:4   What does this verse have to do with "tefillat haderech" (Travellers Prayer)?
44:8   What is a "kal vachomer" and how does it apply in this verse?
           How many "kal vachomers" are in the Torah?
44:8-9 How was Benjamin rewarded for his silence when the silver chalice was found in his pack and what does it have to do with these verses?
44:14  Why was Joseph still there?
44:16  What does " G-d has found the sin of your servants" mean?